EPC covers coatings and platings done to many different specifications including Military, aerospace and defense, architectural grade, and specialized application used by various industries (apartments, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.).

EPC adheres to aerospace and Military specifications to cover powder coatings for interior and exterior steel exposed to seawater, marine atmosphere, and high humidity. The types of powder coatings are designated as follows: Type I – Epoxy, Type II – Epoxy polyester hybrid, Type III – Polyester, Type IV – Polyester TGIC, Type V – Polyester urethane hybrid, Type VI – Acrylic, Type VII – Acrylic polyester hybrid, Type VIII – Acrylic urethane hybrid, Type XI – Urethane, Type X – Polyurethane, Type XI – Vinyl, and Type XII – Nylon.

No matter the size of the part, EPC will provide the best application and coating to withstand nearly any environment. Our coating solutions and processes protect against inclement weather, abrasion, harmful conditions, and exposure to chemicals. Let us increase the life cycle of your parts and decrease the maintenance cost with our full-proof powder coating application

Decorate and add an aesthetic finish to your next consumer project. EPC offers free color matching services to make sure we meet your color requirement. We offer custom formulas done by our trained technicians to get the color you desire. Bring your next project in to be handled with care by our team.

EPC takes time to properly prepare your part or assembly to have the powder applied with the best adhesion. Surfaces that have residue, previous paint, powder coating, or flash rust will not create a durable bond to the powder coated finish and will result in a failed bond.

We offer many coatings that are being used for medical devices that our customers have tested acceptable for regulatory standards. Many of our coatings meet the testing done by our end users including our FDA approved coatings. EPC coatings meet requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services.



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